Friday, November 11, 2005


My plans have changed time and time again with wanting to go all kinds of different directions but staring at a world map for hours on end was the fun part, just so many places to go and things to see so after a lot of umming and aaarrring this is what I have come up with.

When I leave London I will go across to France, Spain and cross the ocean into Morocco. I think this part of the trip will be the only guaranteed part, the rest will all unfold!

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Like I said before nothing from here on is cement and will just have to take it as it comes, depending on which countries I can get visas for, the climate and who is fighting who, where the civil wars are, as they seem to be able to spark up over night. But this is the rough plan, down the West Coast to South Africa and then if I am not over it by then up the East Coast to Egypt. At this point of time the only big obstacle is the Sudan region and Ethiopia but its awhile before I get there(if I do) and I just hope they put all the guns away by then!

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If I have made it this far and am still not over it I will whip up through Jordan, Syria and Turkey as I visited this area a few years ago and seen all the sites and got the scares! From Turkey I have the option of trying to head straight up to Russia which would mean getting a double entry visa for the Soviet which is HARD, so the other option is head into Iran then up to Kasakhstan into Mongolia via a short stint in Russia, that would get me around the double entry visa problem. The logistics of traveling this part of the world is a big headache, one-the visas are hard to obtain and two-China does not allow people to enter with their own vehicle so I have a few tricks and different borders to try to get in, but that's all apart of the adventure hey! If I conquer this unknown is smooth sailing down to South east Asia, island hop to East Timor, short boat ride to Darwin.

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If I have made it this far then it will be a leisurely scoot home to the family farm in Turriff, Victoria.

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